Heed Your Calling features PCs for Refugees

I’ve either volunteered or worked professionally in the field of refugee resettlement since 2008, and I’ve personally witnessed the incredible resilience of those who fled persecution in their homes, and arrived in the United States in search of safety and the chance to rebuild their lives. I’ve met incredible people during the past 10 years who have altered my perspective of the world and I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity to have learned many life lessons from refugees, colleagues, volunteers, and several community partners. That being said, I’d like to highlight the important work that Riad Sbai and his all-volunteer driven team at PCs for Refugees does in Phoenix, Arizona. Riad, the Founder and President of PCs for Refugees, is a native Arizonan who saw the need for newly arrived refugee families to have access to their very own home computer system. Refugees typically arrive with the assistance of a pre-assigned refugee resettlement agency that can only provide the basic necessities for a newly arrived family. The initial resettlement assistance does not include personal PCs, or personal mobile phones for that matter, and that is where PCs for Refugees comes in. Riad personally visited newly arrived families from Syria and observed that lack of access to a desktop and the internet hindered true language acquisition skills. It’s important to note that the ability to learn and communicate in English directly impacts an individual’s success in school and in finding and retaining employment. So it’s no surprise that Riad began asking people in his own personal network on Facebook to donate previously used desktops and laptops that they could share with a family in need. Two years later, the organization has served close to 330 refugees and Riad now partners with the local refugee resettlement agencies in Phoenix in order to discover which families PCs for Refugees can best serve.

Read more and also learn about other organizations at Heed Your Calling.

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