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Over the past several months we at PCs For Refugees have been piloting a program to train refugee teens skills in computer hardware and operating system essentials. We have found that this not only sets the stage for continued studies in computer and engineering related skills, but also promotes raised self-confidence levels and improves moods of young people who have experienced extreme trauma from a young age. We have also noticed that these benefits to the children transfer over to the parents, giving them hope for the future of their kids.

As a small nonprofit organization with a very tight budget, we are needing to charge a fee to offset the costs of this program. Fees cover transportation, learning materials, lab supplies, and snacks and drinks, along with the occasional pizza. Staff do this work on a strictly volunteer basis. PCs For Refugees currently has no paid employees. Materials provided are standardized notebooks and folders, writing instruments, a zippered pencil case, 2-16GB USB flash drives, printed study materials, and a refurbished laptop with laptop bag.

We need your help to sustain this program. In order to provide all of this to each student. The PC Hardware and Operating System Basics program costs us about $400 per student. The program runs 8 weeks at 4 hours per session. The second portion of the program is the OS Administration – Beginning Windows Administration program. This is the program that includes a laptop that the student will refurbish themselves based on their skills developed in these two programs. The OS Administration – Beginning Windows Administration program costs PCs For Refugees $300 per student. The session is 2 weeks with an intensive 6 hours per session.

Because many of the refugee families are not able to spare the funds needed to have their children participate in these programs, we are seeking benefactors to sponsor a student. Multiple students in the same household will receive a 25% discount as transportation costs are reduced and some materials can possibly be shared; however, in fairness to the community, we limit each family to two children per household per program session. Each session will be offered three times per year. An application form is required for each student and will be published online when registration opens. The first session is scheduled to begin at the beginning of October.

The educational, developmental, emotional, and social impact of this type of programming is essential to our communities. Please contact us at donate@pcsforrefugees.com for more information about this program or to sponsor a student. Or you can make a direct donation on our website at https://pcsforrefugees.com/sponsor-a-student. You may choose to keep your donation anonymous. We are happy to provide a receipt for your donation.

Sponsor a Student

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We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization, all donations are tax deductible, and you will be automatically emailed a receipt for your kind donation, thank you so much.

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