Tucson Chapter

We’re excited to announce PCs for Refugees will be expanding to Tucson, helping to provide refugees computers and training to those who may otherwise not be able to afford a working computer.

You can reach out to our Tucson Chapter directly at tucson@pcsforrefugees.com.

Donate your old desktop or laptop

We rely on donations from the community to provide each family with a PC. Even extremely old laptops or desktops can be refurbished to new. Each donation will be assessed to determine which operating system would run ideally on the platform, creating a fast and reliable computer experience. Rest assured, every computer first starts off with a fresh format, to ensure that all data is completely and safely removed from your old computers, laptops, or hard drives.

Do you accept broken computers or parts?

Yes, we’ll take them, anything can be put to use, from old graphic cards, network cards, cases, RAM sticks, keyboards, monitors, mice or more. In the event equipment is un-repairable, it will be responsibly recycled at our dedicated electronic recycler.

Do you accept Macs?

Yes, we do!

Do you accept iPads, Kindles, or other Tablets?

Yes, we do! Tablets can be a vital tool for education delivery for children.

I don’t have any equipment to donate, can I still help?

Absolutely, each computer costs us over $20 to refurbish and provide for a family. Any small donation will help!

Donate Directly to our Tucson Chapter

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Donation Total: $20

All funds donated here go directly to our Tucson Chapter

What don’t you accept?

The only items we do not accept at this time are CRT Monitors & Inkjet Printers. CRT Monitors are way too large and many families don’t even have a computer desk, in additional they cost us $25 to recycle, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! InkJet printers can be problematic due to the cost of the ink and repairs, often times it’s cheaper to buy a new inkjet printer that already comes with ink. We do accept Laser Printers.

For computer donations or requests for our Tucson Chapter please click the appropriate button: