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PCs for Refugees Eid Gift Program

Eid Gift Program

Our amazing community is wanting to collect Eid gifts for our Refugee children here in the valley. No child should celebrate Eid without a gift! PCs for Refugees is opening up it's office for a gift collection program that will go to our refugee children come Eid.

ASU alumnus creates non-profit to provide refugees free computers

While Syria is facing a civil war halfway across the world, an ASU alumnus and a few Phoenix residents created a non-profit to provide a "candle of hope" for refugees. PCs for Refugees provides free laptop and desktop computers to refugee families living in Arizona.

Refugees in Phoenix connect to families, assistance through free computers

In a dimly lit apartment off I-17, a 9-year-old Syrian girl named Aya is learning how to use her family’s first computer. She places her hands on the keyboard and presses “A” when she hears the letter pronounced through the speakers. “Bravo!” says Riad Sbai, the founder of PCs for Refugees, the nonprofit that provided the computer to her family.

PCs for Refugees Acquires New Office Space

PCs for Refugee announced today that it has acquired and moved into the Phoenix Financial Center in Downtown Phoenix in the Arcade Plaza after more than a year of operating out of a garage space. This new space not only gives staff and volunteers a dedicated space to build and refurbish computers, but also provides additional storage facilities for equipment, and a centralized distribution hub for delivery of computers to their beneficiaries.